Frequently Asked Questions

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Whether you’re a newcomer investigating professional installation choices or seeking specific information, this consolidated set of FAQs is designed to offer a thorough understanding of the process involved in having your immobiliser installed.

What is the cost on top of the government voucher?

There is no extra cost as the government voucher covers the full cost of supply and installation.

How long will the install take?

We can usually do the install in about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

My car already has an immobiliser?

Yes, your car likely has an immobiliser in the key. However, if someone steals your keys, they can take your car. Our immobilisers prevent this by adding a keypad or a secret sequence that must be done correctly before the car can be started, even with the keys.

Do I need to bring my car to you?

No, we come to you to do the install, either at your home, work, or even a shopping centre.

Are you an approved installer?

Yes, if you go to the government website and look at the approved installer list, you will see our company name listed there.

Will this void my warranty?

It’s best to check with your manufacturer, as some brands do, but most don’t void the warranty for an immobiliser install.

Will I get a discount on my insurance?

This depends on who your insurer is. Some do give a discounted premium, but some don’t.

How many government vouchers can I get?

You can get as many as you have cars in your name. There is no limit per household or person.

What if one fails or my car doesn’t start?

You can call us 24/7 and we will help you out. If you are too far away, all roadside assistance companies can help you.

What is the Warranty?

The immobilisers come with 1 or 2 years product warranty depending on what type you get. We have a faulty workmanship warranty if it were to be a fault from the install. Please note if the fault is not caused by the immobiliser, we will have to charge you for our time.

Will this drain my battery?

No, if you use your car more than once every 12 months, you will not have any battery faults or drainage.

Can you do more than 1 car install for me?

Yes, we can do as many cars as you have, as long as we have the booking times available, we can do them all.

What if I end up wanting my immobiliser removed?

You can call us or any other auto electrician and have them remove it at any stage.

What type of immobilisers do you install?

We have a few different options with us at all times. There are the normal keypad types or there are some other pretty special options we can fit. These are a bit of a secret and are approved for this trial, but we don’t like advertising the way we can install them. If you want to know more about this type, please email or call us.

I have an old immobiliser in my car already that’s not really working, can you remove it and install a new one?

Yes, we can definitely remove and install one of the approved ones to your car. This doesn’t usually add any extra cost, but please message us with more info so we can confirm this.

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