About Start Lock Immobilisers

the leading provider of free engine immobilisers for cars

Our mission is to offer top-tier security solutions without the need for tracking, ensuring the safety of your vehicle. As the exclusive provider, our government-funded fitment ensures that you can secure your vehicle worry-free.


Top-Tier Security

We prioritise the safety of your vehicle by providing free engine immobilisers that offer high level security without tracking.

We Come to You

Whether you’re at home or work, we’re here to safeguard your vehicle with ease. Get in touch and let us deliver the security solution to your doorstep.

Government-Funded Fitment

We take pride in offering government-funded fitment for our engine immobilisers, allowing you to secure your vehicle worry-free.

Secure Your Vehicle with Start Lock Immobilisers

Thanks to government funding, you can obtain a free and Australian made car immobiliser to stop potential theft in it’s tracks. Your safety is our priority!

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